Jan 1st

A resolution a day

A glass of veg juice a day keeps the doctor away


Like millions world over, this is part of a resolution. Like many world over, I want to be thinner, fitter, calmer, more at peace, more successful by the end of 2017. and like many world over, I have tried before and failed. This year I want to do small things – little steps to make me a better me.

A small change in me everyday through 2017- mostly directed towards me being fitter and more organized. I am sure along the way, I will realise some changes are not worth the effort or dont really matter and I will drop it. But the aim to track each change for 2017.

If I am able to accomplish it – everyday for 21 days – they say its a habit and i get to reward myself.

Starting today- since I am a tad bit sleepy and a little hungover – I am starting small.

Day 1 resolution – a glass of veg juice everyday for breakfast.

In 2015 – I went to a dietician for the first time and while i lost some weight with her, I promptly put it all back. She introduced me to veg juice. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have ever thought I would enjoy this. But I have to agree I love it and it feels good and all that stops me from having it everyday is laziness.

2017 resolutions

Weight : Lose 10 Kilos by Mar 31st

Book – Read 25 Books by 2017

Day 1 – Veg juice for breakfast

Adios and see you tomm.