Jan 9th Update – Catching up

So i am feeling miserable today – I say that for the sympathy and the oh no’s and to explain why this post will be extremely short and to the point.

have adopted 2 new resolutions since we last met – tracking what i eat and exercising 6 days a week. I can see i wont exercise today coz of how i feel – but i will be giving myself that lee way.

Update for Jan 9th on  2017 resolutions

Weight : Lose 10 Kilos by Mar 31st – No loss yet

Book – Read 25 Books by 2017

Resolution Jan1st: Veg juice for breakfast – Done – Streak – 9 days

Resolution 2 Jan 2nd : Spend 15 mins a day (on weekdays) cleaning up –Still kicking up backside, while I do tidy up the mess in the house, 15 mins seems to be impossible

Resolution 3 Jan 3rd : Make my bed – Done – Streak 7 day.

Resolution 4: 7th Jan – Track what i eat to help me make healthier choices . Streak 2 days

Resolution 5: 8th Jan – Some form of exercise 6 days a week (Other than Saturday) _1 Day